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Support Lavenham's Dyehouse Field Wood.

Gift-cards are now available to show your support by means of a sponsorship.

Available for sponsorship of £10 and above.

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Both parts of Lavenham’s woodland are developing nicely.  Each year, they benefit from many hours of volunteers’ working, and provide an amenity for the village, and its visitors, in every season.

The Trustees have been successful in acquiring the site, and in organizing its planting.  We can now look towards the longer term.

We know from the enthusiasm of the planting day, and from the people who support our working parties, and from the generosity of the many subscribers to the Adoptaplot scheme, that people want to get involved.  You may already be one of the many individuals and businesses who have helped us get this far.  But you may not have had the opportunity to become involved as yet, or you may want to help, but do not know how.  Besides actually working on the site, or in the work of the Steering Group, another way is to support the Adoptaplot scheme, or to make a regular, small subscription, or perhaps even to make some provision for the woodland in your will, after you have met your primary concerns of family and friends.

As our annual accounts show, we only spend in order to make Lavenham’s woodland a safe and agreeable place to visit.  We need some capital so that our long term income stream can better meet annual needs, and so that we are in a position to consider  the acquisition of other land in the parish for permanent public access, if the occasion were to arise. 

Please contact John Knight, Chairman of the Trustees, if you would like to discuss the matter further.